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Factory Workshop Manuals **UPDATED 11/2020**

Good morning

For the benefit of AFF members, we are adding some of the Ford factory workshop manuals to the Technical portal.

Most of these have been scanned from hard copy versions which we have as part of our technical library and cover some of the older models or those that are somewhat rarer and thus hard to find.

Some of the scans are not great quality due to the original raw material but these represent several days of work each to scan, convert and collate into the HTML format they are presented in.

Currently uploaded are the following:

Cougar SW (2000-2002) (Australian Spec)
Courier / Ranger PH V6 (2003-06)
Escape ZA (2001-04)
Escape ZB (2004-06)
Escape ZC (2006-08)
Explorer UT (2001-03)
Explorer UZ (2004-08) **New 2018**
F-Series Australia 2001-2006 inc. 4.2D
Falcon XK-XL (1960-64)
Falcon XM Supplement (1964-65)
Falcon XR-XT / Fairlane ZB (1966-69)
Falcon XW / Fairlane ZC (1969-1970)
Falcon XA / Fairlane ZF (1972-73)
Falcon XB / Fairlane ZG (1973-76)
Falcon XC / Fairlane ZH (1976-79)
Falcon EA-ED (1988-94)
Falcon EF-EL (1994-98)
Falcon AU (1998-2004)
Falcon BA / Fairlane BA (2004-2005)
Falcon BF (2005-2008)
Falcon FG (2008-2011) **New 2019**
Falcon FGII EcoLPi Supplement (2011-) **New 2020**
Falcon FG!! Ecoboost Supplement (2011-14) **New 2020**
Falcon FGII (2011-2014) **New 2020**
Falcon FG FPV 5.4L(2008-2011) **New 2019**
Falcon FG FPV 5.0L SC Supplement (2011-) **New 2020**
Fiesta WP (2004-2007)
Fiesta WQ (2007-09)
Fiesta WS (2009-10) **New 2019**
Fiesta WT (2010-2013) **New 2020**
Focus LR (2002-2005)
Focus LS (2005-2007)
Focus LT (2007-2009)
Focus LV (2009-2011) **New 2019**
Ka TB (1999-2002)
Laser KQ (2001-04)
Mondeo HC (1997-2002)
Mondeo HE (2002-04)
Mondeo MA (2007-2009)
Mondeo MB (2009-2011)
Mondeo MC (2011-2015) **New 2020**
Mustang 2001 (Australian Spec)
Ranger PX (2011-2015) **New 2020**
Territory SX (2004-06)
Territory SY (2006-08)
Territory SY Turbo (2007-08)
Transit VE (1995-2000)

Others will be added as time permits. These are only accessible to registered members and not guests.


Observatio Facta Rotae

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