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Default (WA) Ford AU Falcon Futura on LPG - needs to be relicensed - Lots of Spares

Vehicle Sales Form

: WA

Make of vehicle
: Ford

Model of vehicle
: Falcon AU

Year of manufacture
: 1998

Colour of vehicle
: Galaxy Blue

: 4.0L Intech

: 4sp Auto

Body style (sedan, wagon etc.)

Selling Price $
: 1000

Odometer Reading
: 199000

: Perth
************************************************** *****************

Other relevant information.

Alloy Wheels and good tyres.
Starts easily and rungs well

Has gaspower LPG fitted and operational. Also comes with an almost unused complete Impco gas system from another AU.

There is no rust, as far as I can see. The bodywork is nice and straight, however the clearcoat on the roof is crazed.

Lots of spares from another AU, including tailights, brake components, window governors.

In addition to the alloys on the car which are genuine and I believe Futura Rims, it comes with:
Set of 4 genuine Tickford Rims (one is damaged) with reasonable tyres.
Set of 4 Speedy Rims, with a couple of good tyres, but gutter-rash
2 Alloys genuine alloy spares, 1 Futura, I Fairmont, with good tyres.

The car was listed on the WOVR. The damge was limited to a roo-bar (gone) and headlight (replaced) and realigning the front bumper. It has been through the first stage inspection.
Other items necessary to be relicensed have been completed.
However the gas tank is out of date. It is a minimum $180 to get that tested and recertified.
Then the relicensing inspection is $130.
It's a good car, but at this point it could potentially be worth more as parts.

I'm Happy to sell off the spare Rims and parts seperately, and/or sell the car without any of the parts, or any combination there of.
But I am not parting-out the car.

************************************************** *****************
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