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Default 2011 Focus LX LV Transmission Woes

I bought this car second had privately last year.

I have the GoFar milage gadget that plugs into the OBD2 port which also provides car health info and error codes, when they crop up.

For a while, I was getting a P0705 code intermittently... Transmission Range Sensor "A" circuit (PRNDL Input). Mechanic couldn't find anything wrong and couldn't fix. Since I started parking on the flat instead of a steep driveway, I haven't seen the error code for months.

A few weeks ago, I noticed it was taking a few seconds longer than usual to go into reverse. I never thrash the car as it is my business car...self employed cleaner, but I noticed if I accelerated any harder than at a leisurely pace, the transmission would drop down a gear, the revs increase as expected, but when I backed off the accelerator, the transmission would not return to the correct gear and the revs would stay high (around 3k-4k) for 5 to 20 seconds before finally calming down to normal and changing to the correct gear.

Yesterday, everything was fine until I put it into D while stationary. Then I heard a bit of a thud and the car jolted into Drive. No problems until I got to my destination, sat in the car idling for 10 minutes in Park, then put it into Drive and.... nothing! The transmission doesn't go into gear at all. Pressing the accelerator just revs up the engine. NO gear is selectable, not even reverse.

Spoke with a transmission mechanic who said it might be a model affected by the Ford DPS6 “PowerShift” Class Action suit, but mine is an 2011 LX LV series, not the LX WT identified on the Ford website. Mechanic says it could cost between $1k to $10K to fix depending.... it only cost me $7.5k

Anyone out there have a similar issue, or might have the foggiest of what's going on with this thing??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Default Re: 2011 Focus LX LV Transmission Woes

Your LV Focus should have the 4F27E transmission which is a 4-speed auto.

Before going stupid why not at least try the low cost approach of replacing the Trans range sensor. It if has failed then the ECU won't know what gear position is selected. It's located on the side of the trans housing and you can start by checking the electrical connector. That error can also be caused by a fault in the wiring to the trans control module (TCM) and there are pinpoint tests for that if replacing (and adjusting) the TRS doesn't help.
Have a read of Section 307-01A in the WSM (available on this site) for more info on how to adjust the TRS.


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